Cheap EICR or Home Safety. What would you choose?

Did you know that there could be an unknown home security problem lurking in your alleged safe? The age of your home, installation problems, wear and tear and inadequate safety devices can put you at risk. Does your home have any of these safety issues? Do not ignore these when you looking for EICR testing certificate.

Inadequate or faulty smoke detectors. Each year, more than 3,400 people die and more than 17,000 are injured in fires. Make sure your home is safe by installing smoke detectors on every level of your home near where you sleep. Replace the batteries at least once a year, and test their reliability every month. Also check for outdated, unreliable smoke detectors. Replacement is recommended every 8-10 years in every town including Reading, Slough, London. If yours is so old that there is no visible date, the new detector has passed. 

Testing EICR

If there is no carbon monoxide detector testing in Landlord EICR report, it may lead to another safety concern. Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is the leading cause of death in the country. Why? CO is completely colorless and odorless, and it appears as a byproduct of the operation of all appliances and heat sources. Installing a CO detector in your home is an important safety measure to protect you and your family. Install at least one detector in the sleeping area of ​​your home, adding one on each level of your home and one in each bedroom for additional protection. Replace old detectors every 5-6 years.

Electrical Wiring Problems Old wiring is inadequate for the types of appliances and equipment used in today's average home and can easily be replaced. Improper Wi-Fi by handymen, circuit breakers or poor grounding, and poles that are deemed unsafe and unsafe to use (some installed as recently as the 1980s ) may cause fire or electric shock. Upgrade your panel to a new, well-designed one to avoid home security issues. No backup generator. Although some may not consider it a home safety issue when you need urgent EICR test in Reading. the manufacturers wait to protect your home and family from unexpected short and long term power outages due to weather or emergency. They keep essential equipment running, keeping your family safe and comfortable in the event of heavy rain, extreme heat and more. In addition, they keep the contents of your refrigerator safe and keep your kitchen running smoothly. Consider buying a ready-made model, which starts automatically and can run your entire home, or a cheap portable machine to run a few select applications.

Code Updates The wiring code in the United States is updated every three years to ensure electrical safety throughout the country. Therefore, families living in older homes are at a greater risk of electrical safety problems due to:  

Chronic holes are two-way negatives because electricity has no escape route. A three-way socket must be installed - and wiring problems must be solved - for safety reasons. Old wiring or exposed wires, buttons and tubes, and aluminum wiring all pose dangerous safety concerns.

RCB or RCBO protects you from shock and is designed to activate before the electrical current affects your heart rate. Do not rely on old fuse box and get it replaced as soon as possible. They are important for home security in all areas of your home around the water source.

Children's shelters are waterproof and children's shelters protect electrical contacts from the introduction of foreign objects by children, 70% of which occur before adults. This is a simple and affordable solution that has been needed in new buildings since 2008 but does not belong to Reading town.

Extension cords are often neglected, extension cords are not suitable for permanent use. Protect your home with a home electrical inspection Don't let home security problems cause property damage or put your family at risk. Quickly and effectively identify and address home security risks with an electrical home inspection. Techhawk electrical services team in Reading can provide a detailed, structured written list of all areas of your home that need immediate attention, areas for improvement, and improvement opportunities to save your home. Give peace of mind by being well-informed about home security. Contact TechHawk today. Our electricians are dedicated to the safety of your home and family. 


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