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Cheap EICR or Home Safety. What would you choose?

Did you know that there could be an unknown home security problem lurking in your alleged safe? The age of your home, installation problems, wear and tear and inadequate safety devices can put you at risk. Does your home have any of these safety issues? Do not ignore these when you looking for EICR testing certificate. Inadequate or faulty smoke detectors. Each year, more than 3,400 people die and more than 17,000 are injured in fires. Make sure your home is safe by installing smoke detectors on every level of your home near where you sleep. Replace the batteries at least once a year, and test their reliability every month. Also check for outdated, unreliable smoke detectors. Replacement is recommended every 8-10 years in every town including Reading, Slough, London. If yours is so old that there is no visible date, the new detector has passed.  If there is no carbon monoxide detector testing in Landlord EICR report, it may lead to another safety concern. Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning